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New World Introduces New Ingame Feature

by on October 15, 2023

Earlier this week, New World announced a limited-time test of a new feature that will improve players’ experiences in congested worlds. This follows the game’s latest expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, which has experienced a surge in players.

New World, which is the flagship MMORPG of Amazon Games, has surprised its creators with its latest release.  The update has brought an influx of players resulting in a crowded or congested world and slow server time.

In New World’s latest expansion, you may have experienced queues on some servers. Because of this, Amazon Games has added a feature that allows players to initiate a free World Transfer directly from the Character Selection screen.

This new feature can be accessed by selecting the “options” button near the character, but there are some restrictions. Transfers can only be made to non-Full/Fresh Start worlds within the player’s existing region, so cross-region transfers are not possible.

Amazon Games encouraged many players to participate in the first test, which took place between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. PDT on 10/13/2023. The developer’s primary goal was to monitor the back-end services extensively, and this test has since concluded.

Amazon will only activate free world transfers following major updates or expansions when queue times are high. In addition to this activation, paid World Transfers will temporarily be unavailable in the In-Game Store for all regions; they will, however, return when the free transfer feature is deactivated.

Notably, the recent spike in queue times is attributed to New World’s first major expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. This expansion has transformed Aeternum, introducing new challenges and content.

A new Level 62+ expedition has been added, where players can track down the primordial Beast Lords before chaos emerges from Aeternum’s depths. Players can now ride mounts, wield new weapons, and explore transformed lands.


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