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WalkScape Is All About Walking and Killing Monsters

by on October 15, 2023

The new indie game is about to get users fitter and happier. WalkScape is an MMORPG game set similar to the old Runescape that lets players walk while playing the game.

Playing location-based games can help you get some exercise while leveling up your virtual character. In WalkScape, an indie mobile game developed by Not A Cult, players will walk their way to victory rather than slap at their screens.\

You may be interested in WalkScape if you’re looking for a new way to blitz monsters and get some exercise.

This game has been described as a way to get more steps while slaying some beasts. Unlike LoBa games like Pokemon Go, the location isn’t as important as the destination in Walkscape.

The pixelated heroes of WalkScape have plenty of hurdles to overcome, with quests, skills, and a global marketplace to explore. In order to progress in the game, though, you will need to walk yourself.

This is a mobile game that is mostly about menu management, selecting tasks, and dictating what should happen, but without your valuable steps, nothing will be accomplished.

Whenever you walk, you’ll advance your crafting bar, unlock achievements, and level up. You don’t always have to be walking with purpose, as you can set the game to further your actions by walking around your home, while you’re at work, or in the park.

According to the trailer, a beta test will be conducted by the end of 2023 or early 2024. The initial plan for WalkScape’s monetization is to have a free mode with an optional subscription since the developers are strongly opposed to pay-to-win games.

As development continues, and the popularity of the project is assessed, these aspects may change. If you’re interested in going hands-on with some RPG gameplay, you can join the WalkScape Discord.

Walk and have fun with this upcoming mobile game.

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