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Albion Online Live Blood Goes Live Today

by on October 16, 2023

Albion Online: Wild Blood will go online today and fans are eager to try out the new tweaks. The company promises sweeping changes to the game tools, storyline, and weapons. Some of these will include shapeshifter weapons, advanced tracking, and renovated personal islands.

This update introduces some new layers to the top gear system and gives players more options when it comes to building, using resources, and creating alchemical ingredients.

The new systems allow players to build Shapeshifter weapons, a new staff line, and create Awakened items. You can add new traits to Awakened weapons over time, which will persist as rare loot throughout the game.

Using Shapeshifter Weapons alongside Tracking, which allows you to create a new staff, you can hunt down and kill target creatures. As you transform into a creature, your abilities will change to reflect the creature you have become. Your regular build might be more of a glass cannon, but as you transform into a tankier creature your abilities might change too.

There are now seven personal islands for you to own, which are linked to the city that they are linked to. This means that your islands will reflect the city’s biome, aesthetics, architecture, and atmosphere.

In addition, personal islands have new farming bonuses. Some of the advantages must be discovered to maximize your production by using bonus modifiers. These changes not only increase the options for raising crops or animals, but they may also increase trade.

Additionally, all randomized dungeons have been reworked and fixed. They aim to make the visuals and lighting more natural, as well as make the terrain blend together more smoothly. In addition, players will also have the chance to encounter colossi and titans from the Living Legacy anniversary event.

The new Albion Online: Wild Blood has brought a lot of changes to the game. You can find more info from the trailer.


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