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Lost Ark Resolves Slow Progression Issues

by on September 8, 2023

Both Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG studios have worked tediously to improve the progression curve of the Lost Ark. In an upcoming update set to be released next week, the new system will be introduced.

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have been working together to reduce some of the obstacles and complications in Lost Ark‘s progression, so it is easier to get started but also to keep playing for a while.

According to reports from public media, the problem became critical. A steep progression curve was a turnoff for some so they have been gradually adjusting progression to make it more enjoyable for more players. Plus, they have been trying to bring back some players that left.

The team announcement stated:

“We recognize that the game encountered many challenges at launch, with a steep progression curve, bots, and stability issues. We’ve made serious strides in addressing these and feel confident that we’re in a good place to bring players back,”

On September 13th, the update will arrive, with the introduction of Jump-Start servers. Each region will have a server with its own PVE matchmaking, party finder, and auction house.

Plus, there is a region-based matchmaking system that is used for PvP. Jump-Start servers also have their own special events, such as Story Express, Powerpasses, and Mokoko Express.

In addition, you will be able to get one character right away to item level 1415 if you purchase the special South Vern pass. For the first time, you will receive a special gift, be able to enjoy 200% XP games and have access to a special exchange shop.

With many fresh start servers, the team will monitor populations and progression, with an eventual goal of connecting these servers back into their regions within approximately six months.

The new release is a tip for a sore eye, ending with a tease of a roaring dinosaur and a glimpse of Primal Island. The studios want to get players back and they will do everything in their power.


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