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Dragon Raja – The Largest Online MMO, Releases 14th Class Yasai

by on September 7, 2023

There are many MMORPG video games that have edged their way into our gaming experience. There is a huge MMO that is challenging the others that have come before it. Known as Dragon Raja, it is by far the largest of its kind and in September made its latest upgrade.

Dragon Raja is a world-famous fantasy Cyberpunk MMORPG. It boasts a global player base of more than 30 million in just three years. The game offers a unique open-world gameplay experience, engaging storylines, a variety of gameplay options, and high-quality graphics.

According to the storyline, the game is set in a fantastical world. A powerful Dragon Lord has returned to life. Somehow it has managed to escape from a dungeon where a special group of humans, the Hybrids, had sealed it for years.

As the beast seeks vengeance, it unleashes uncountable terror on the fantastical world. The Hybrids must once again battle it and save the human race from annihilation. Join the fun as you become a Hybrid and drive the Dragon Lord back to its prison.

After its 3rd anniversary, Dragon Raja continues to expand its content. Players receive a major update every three months that includes new classes, gameplay, and maps. On September 6, 2023, the highly anticipated 14th class Yasai and new PVP mode Phantom Tracking were released.

About Dragon Raja

High-quality Graphics: Dragon Raja is a new-generation open-world mobile game powered by Unreal Engine 4. It features a large and immersive world with stunning graphics powered by a simulated collision system and optical motion capture technology.

New Storylines: NPCs offer different quests or have different dialogues depending on what players choose. This will give them the power to change the game’s world. Thousands of scenic landmarks from all over the world have been seamlessly integrated into the open storyline.

Character Customization: With Dragon Raja, players can create and dress up unique characters in any style they desire through a comprehensive customization system. Casual, retro, street, and futuristic styles are just a few of the options available.

Dragon Raja is based on the best-selling Korean novel, Dragon Raja, and is a free-to-play mobile 3D MMORPG. The game is equipped with a tab-targeting action combat system, player housing, gacha mechanics, and typical MMORPG features.


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