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Indie MMO Sojo Goes to Early Access

by on August 20, 2023

If you are for more fun, another indie MMO, Sojo has just been released to Steam Early Access. The game provides players with an enormous expansive world that they can explore. Players will blend into multiple biomes and landscapes.

Sojo is an online RPG with a persistent world, gear and level progression, fast turn-based combat, platforming puzzles, and challenging objectives. Kill creatures, get loot, sell and buy loot, group with allies, and work together to overcome them.

In a post on Reddit, the developer bagoDev LLC said

“Contributing back to the MMO community is something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I loaded up the original EQ and started immersing myself in MMOs. I originally worked as a corporate software developer and made the transition to start working on games a few years ago. Sojo is my first project and has taken roughly one year full-time and two years part-time to make it to Early Access on Steam with roughly 60-180~ hours of gameplay on average.”

Although the game has been in construction for more than three years now, the developer,  bagoDev LLC, projects that the game will need another 3 – 4 years to complete. Even so, the world of Sojo includes over 100 hours of questing gameplay. Players can delve into platforming, exploration, and active turn-based combat.

Nonetheless, the game can only handle 50 players per server at the same time. This will undoubtedly rank Sojo among the small games when it comes to MMOs, but it does offer various unique features. Firstly you can play solo and group PvP.

In addition, there are 4 different classes. Each Group is formed with a maximum of 4 players. This may be because of the server size, or due to the game speed.

Another feature that players are sure to love is the character customization. The MMO offers 400 different items that you may seek out and use to create your character. Playing Sojo offers a great new range of fun. Try it now and see how you vote.

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