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Early Access Ready for Journey Across Raava

by on August 19, 2023

Game developer Etlok Studios has announced the early access starting date for its MMO Into the Echo. The time-traveling multiple-player game is set to start gameplay this August 25th.

In an engaging post, the company informed players of the good news. As the first round of Early Access keys will be sent out on Wednesday, participants should be watching their emails, and signing up now if they haven’t already.

Players who have been following the story threads will remember the story of Into the Echo. The game is set on the mysterious planet Raava, where players are able to explore twenty eras spanning ten thousand years. They are taken back in time to unravel the mysteries hidden in this planet’s past.

As they race back through time, gamers are tasked with a reparation and restoration mission. They must learn and master new skills, engage in combat, and make adjustments to the fractured timelines that they will face.

In addition, players must master the special art of Qen. The art will become necessary as they solve puzzles and face off with foes. Earlier this year, the studio provided players with an insight into the universe behind Into the Echo. The early release can be accessed directly from the company’s website.

Interested players may sign up for Early Access on the website. Journey Across Raava will be episodic, which means players will probably test each lore-filled episode as the team rolls them out.

Even so, Journey Across Raava is set to be an engaging prelude to the full MMO release. Players may choose to wait out the early release and enter the full experience when it comes. After all, Into the Echos will grant free access for all players eventually.

Moreover, the studio assures players that the release will include monthly updates as they explore Raava.

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