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HAWKED Enters Early Access Today On PC

by on November 30, 2023

My.Games has launched its third-person extraction shooter, HAWKED, into early access today. The game will be available via Steam and My.Games’ own launcher for Windows, Android, and iOS.  The game will arrive on consoles in 2024.

In a nutshell, Hawked exudes style, unlike other extraction survival shooters both on and off the field. It’s cartoony, colorful, and eye-catching, resembling Fortnite at a quick glance. Depending on the difficulty setting, up to three players can play together (or you can go it alone). Artifacts can be found only by defeating other players, and monsters, and solving puzzles.

Players race to find the treasure before the other, and those that do win the session – though you can still upgrade your character for the next session if you find it first.

In addition, MY.Games promises that the X-Isle, where the game takes place, will change every time you play. Your goal will be to find artifacts inside temples and ruins that are boobytrapped, as well as other players occasionally

Another unique feature of Hawked is its in-game economy. You can still earn game rewards, which you can use to improve your character even if you don’t survive the island. It is best if you manage to survive and bring your loot home.

Renegade Rally pre-registration is now open, offering milestone rewards and the chance to win additional prizes. These include Raider Packs and a lifetime supply of premium currency. One premium currency prize will be awarded randomly to one community member if 1 million pre-registrations are reached.

The company stated on its Steam post.

“HAWKED is a free online PvPvE extraction shooter that drops you into X-Isle, a mysterious island where monsters covet the powerful relics of a lost civilization. Become a Renegade and squad up with pals to explore this new world as you battle monstrous Disciples, outwit other players, and escape with a bounty of ancient treasures!”


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