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Path of Exile Affliction Adds New Challenge League

by on December 1, 2023

Just in time for Christmas, a new Path of Exile: Affliction will bring impressive upgrades to the long-running, free-to-play ARPG. The expansion will install challenge leagues, Ascendency classes, and a wide range of new rewards and perks. The new update will come to both PC and consoles starting next week.

According to the lore, the Viridian Wildwood in Path of Exile: Affliction is a foreboding darkness that is slowly revealed by the Sacred Wisps. You are led into the Viridian Wildwood through the Sacred Wisps. The darkness beckons you in.

While Exiles trek through the Wildwood, shedding the darkness, monsters can appear at any time and attack. The Sacred Wisps last only for a short period of time before vanishing, opening a portal to the surface.

In addition, you can collect special wisps in the Wildwood to bring back to Wraeclast when you run out of Sacred Wisps. Once you return to Wraeclast, these wisps will inhabit random monsters, imbuing them with strength and increasing their rewards.

There is also a possibility that a wisp can inhabit an entire boss and that a wisp can imbue more than one monster at a time. This will greatly increase the difficulty and effects of the game. The ARPG will also bring fifteen new and unique items to collect, so players are advised to take down as many wisp-infused enemies as possible.

Notably, some of the last Azmeri Wanderers have honed their survival skills in the Viridian Wildwood. When charmed, they can offer quests for new Ascendancy Classes as a reward for completing them.

You can also use this along with your existing Ascendancy Class. For example, the Warden of the Maji can use Tinctures to make weapons more powerful.  The Ultimatum League is finally coming to Path of Exile. The game’s developers have completely rebalanced it, with the base number of Ultimatum rounds being fixed at ten.

Metamorph was also removed from the game, with the Catalyst rewards moved to Ultimatum.

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