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Final Fantasy XIV All Saints’ Wake 2023 Has Started

by on October 27, 2023

It is the holiday season and every popular game is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. Final Fantasy has launched its annual Saints’ Wake 2023, and you do not want to miss out on this.

In Final Fantasy 14, the Voidsent return to the earth to play pranks and scare people. Papa Gruff, the primary NPC, will learn an important lesson about how fear works on Eorzea’s people during All Saints’ Wake.

The All Saints’ Wake event has begun in Final Fantasy 14, and it’ll be available until the end of the month.¬†Fortunately, Square Enix’s hit MMORPG’s All Saints’ Wake event won’t involve much effort, as it will take place over the next few weeks.

There is no combat required, and the event takes place exclusively in Gridania. A level 15 combat job is required, as well as access to Gridania.

You can participate in Final Fantasy 14’s current holiday from October 27 – November 13, 2023, which rewards you with a fun new emote to use in your adventures. Simply speak to the Adventurers’ Guild Investigator to get started.

The Fright Stuff objectives

  • Speak with Papa Gruff
  • Watch the summoning of the Beast
  • Take Papa Gruff to the Pumpkin-gazing citizens (2/2)
  • Head to Apkallu Falls and speak to the Uncowed Girl
  • Head to the Greatloam Growery and deal with the Potted Voidsent

A strange man has been transforming objects into Voidsent under a nearby bridge. You’ll have to check it out during All Saints’ Wake to make sure nothing has been going wrong. An NPC known as Papa Gruff is located conveniently under a bridge. His name appears to be a nod to the Billy Goats Gruff fable.

Upon speaking with him, the pumpkin will transform into a puppy. When given dialogue options, just choose “fear means different things to different people” or something similar.¬†Then you’ll have to visit two citizens in town, and each will require a different type of scare. You’ll be able to keep clicking until you get it right.

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