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Ironcore Game Studios Releases New Gameplay Video

by on October 29, 2023

Ironcore Game Studios has released a new video offering gameplay insights into the upcoming Perfect New World Equilibrious Test. The trailer is an important teaser geared at stimulating players’ interest. It presents the latest features added to the MMORPG before the tests.

According to the gameplay video, there are three essential additions that stand out, even though there are others. These are:

  • The introduction of the Dragonspear class.
  • A revamped talent system for the Berseker class.
  • The discovery of enigmatic Spirit Beasts hidden across the fantastical continent.

With an upbeat attitude from gamers toward the next gameplay test, Ironcore Games has released more details on the upcoming tests. Some major focus spots have the game biomes including the Mountain Plains and Desrtia.

The new video update provides further insights on classes, the guild creation, game modes, a Survival Competition, and more. Yje game sheds more light on the Galeblade class. Signaling that the elven Valkyrie- like class vanquished foes with their wing-blades. These fantastical creatures are known for their aerial warfare format.

In addition, the video revealed that the studio was pursuing the ability to create guilds with friends and partners or other wanderers. They plan to instill these new abilities into the testing guidelines.

Another interesting tease from the video is a Survival Competition battleground. Players can form teams using their abilities. This is similar to the two game modes currently available. There are both a solo and a team mode set with various puzzles, trials, and difficult bosses.

At some point in the video, the studio decides to showcase the new Skycrest Mine Dungeon. This alone is sufficient to get players involved.

Notable, there are no fees or pre-purchase required for your participation. However, a registration is required which you can do here.  You should take into account that if you have participated in the previous tests, your data won’t be carried over.

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