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Fable Fortune Kickstarter Begins! Get the Details Here!

by on June 1, 2016

Flaming Fowl Studios has officially begun the Kickstarter campaign for the planned return of the Fable franchise with Fable Fortune. The game is a planned computer card game spin-off of the Fable franchise. Flaming Fowl Studios is comprised of the former Lionhead Studios developers and staff members. You can also check out Flaming Fowl’s Kickstart campaign video in the player below.

Since the campaign began, it has currently raised over $31,789 for its pledged goal of $365,385. Fable Fortune is set to feature Fable themed collectible cards. Other features for the game would be co-op and PvP modes that would be set in the world of Albion. The $365,385 is the studio’s initial target to reach closed beta for Windows PC.

The good news is that Flaming Fowl is producing this project with the consent of Microsoft. Microsoft agreed to grant the fledgling studio the Fable license for the campaign. However, the license doesn’t include the entirety of the Fable franchise. Microsoft still retains the Fable license, but Flaming Fowl has been given consent to develop Fable Fortune as independent studio.

Flaming Fowl has about a month to hopefully fund the project through the campaign. If the game gets funded, Flaming Fowl Studios hopes to launch the game for Windows PC, Xbox One and possibly for Android and iOS later down the road.

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