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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Info Revealed!

by on June 1, 2016

In an interview with Active Time Report, which was translated by Dual Shockers, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata talked a lot about the gameplay of the title. Here is what he noted:

  • You can’t climb in the game.
  • There’s something similar to a skill tree to learn abilities.
  • The game is not an open world in the sense that you can go absolutely anywhere you like, but the field is very vast and as you proceed with the story, the variety of places you can go to increases.
  • About difficulty, your ability with action games isn’t critical. Since it’s a Final Fantasy RPG, the action is designed to be enjoyed by a wide variety of gamers and operation is pretty simple. It’s also designed so that you learn how to control it little by little. There will be difficulty options, and a certain twist that we’ll hear more about at E3.
  • The next episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime will come around the time frame of E3.
  • Tabata-san can’t reveal all the weapons yet, as the Armiger is related to the story and it would be a spoiler.There are seven weapon types, but each type has a lot of variety within it.
  • There won’t be a gallery mode at release. They might plan something afterwards. A photo mode is not planned.
  • The Regalia (Noctis’ car) is faster than Chocobos.
  • The man with the main hood that appears in older trailers will be in the game even if he hasn’t been showcased lately.
  • Tabata-san was asked about the impression that the graphics have been downgraded from Episode Duscae to Platinum Demo, and he said to please wait for E3.
  • You can’t drive the boat on your own, but you can rotate the camera.
  • It’s possible to freely save the game anywhere.
  • You can go back and check previously visited places before the last boss.
  • You can fast travel to places you have camped at.
  • When you obtain the flying Regalia, if you crash at landing it’s game over, and you’ll go back to before the flight. Unlike conventional airships, there’s actual gameplay related to taking off and landing. Taking off is not particularly difficult, but you need to be careful on landing. It could be tense, but it won’t be that hard.
  • You can increase the performance of the chocobo by feeding him different food, increasing for instance speed and stamina for the next day.
  • Square Enix would like a PS4 bundle, but it’ll depend on Sony.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release September 30th.

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