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EverCraft Online – Official Tease Trailer

by on April 7, 2024

Hidden Tree Entertainment is developing the 3D voxel MMORPG called EverCraft Online. The game features stunning visuals and an overarching storyline focused on harnessing the power of the old gods before they do..

“Getting back to the classic roots of the MMORPG genre, EverCraft Online is designed to be a demanding, yet rewarding, multiplayer experience. Bend destiny to your will as you travel a world long abandoned by the gods, unraveling the mystery of their divine power as it slowly seeps back into the land. Race to harness the might of their divine arcana – before your enemies get there first.”

Despite its group-based nature, the game lacks the terraforming and detailed building systems typically found in voxel MMOs. The developers are, however, open to adding a housing system in the future


Currently, EverCraft Online is in pre-alpha with small playtests announced exclusively through Discord. Hidden Tree confirmed that they won’t be monetizing the game except for a crowdfunding campaign post-launch.

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