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Bethesda Wants To Make More Mobile Games Like Fallout Shelter! Check Out What Todd Howard Said Here!

by on February 21, 2016

In an interview with Gamespot, Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard noted how the success of Fallout Shelter, which served as a companion game of sorts to Fallout 4, has inspired Bethesda to want to try and make more mobile titles. Albeit, on their terms, as noted that Fallout Shelter was meant to be something more than a simple mobile title:

“Mostly we were concerned with it being appropriate for who we are [as Bethesda Game Studios]–meaning it’s got a bit more meat on the bone than other things like it,” he said. “But its overall popularity? We were not ready for that, which is a good problem.”

The desire to do this also comes in part from the fact that many of the developers at Bethesda are already playing mobile titles, as Howard notes:

“It’s in your pocket, a lot of [the games are] free or easy to try,” he said. “So every time you’re playing, you’re thinking, ‘We could do one of these, I think we could do something special here.’ So we’re gonna do more.”

What titles can be expected from Bethesda in the mobile market is hard to say. As Fallout Shelter came out of nowhere, and is now an incredibly popular game. However, we could find out their plans as soon as E3, where they will have another solo press conference.

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