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XCOM Lead Designer Talks Future Of Series

by on March 31, 2017

“My wife and I joke about this a lot. I’ve only ever worked one place, Firaxis. I’ve worked there for 17 years. I have been working on XCOM like ten years. And I’m the kind of guy that my favorite meal has not changed in like 25 years,” said XCOM Lead Designer Jake Solomon. “If I like something I just keep doing it forever.”

That’s the feeling that Solomon noted he had when he talked at PAX Eeastabout his career at Firaxis, the only company he’s worked at in his video game career, and he loves working there, and loves working on XCOM. But what is the future of the franchise?

At PAX East, he talked about the future of XCOM by noting that it was a struggle to get it where it is today.

“It seems like every game is just, like, me holding on by the fingernails until the very end,” he told iDigitalTimes.

He also that even with the great mod community the future is never certain, but that players should enjoy what’s here now, and not be wondering what’s coming next, because in truth, even he doesn’t know.

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