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Whispers in the Walls Release Date

by on December 8, 2023

During The Game Awards, Canadian studio Digital Extremes announced the release date for Warframe’s upcoming expansion, Whispers in the Walls. The expansion will launch on December 13th across all consoles and PCs. Many new release dates were announced at the annual game award ceremony.

The team revealed Whispers in the Walls at Tennocon 2023, and it was showcased again in their latest devstream. It will introduce a new weapon, faction, and story that will tie into next year’s Warframe 1999. With this update, the studio brings some of the new visual goodies to the decade-old MMO.

The full trailer can be viewed here and readers can read the details of the last livestream. It provides details on what players can expect from the upcoming expansion and the release date of Cross-Save for Warframe.

Furthermore, the Best Performance winner Neil Bewbon and FFXVI’s Ben Starr are set to star in Whispers in the Walls, with Starr returning to Warframe 1999.

With Whispers in the Walls, Digital Extremes promises to reveal the “proverbial big bang” that started everything in Warframe. It all starts with a long-hidden laboratory of Albrecht Entrati, deep within Deimos’ bowels.

In addition to new missions, NPCs, bosses, factions, and a new hub known as The Sanctum, this expansion has a new procedural tile set for Albrecht’s laboratory. This place will serve as the expansion’s primary new location.

As Tenno encounters his much-expanded Necramech forces, he can use the Grimoire, the game’s new page-flinging secondary weapon.

Murmurs, a nightmarish new faction of Eldritch creatures become the foes to overcome. These monsters make their presence known whenever players are transported to the vast Eldritch desert. This is the home of the mysterious Man in the Wall.

The new stuff is introduced in an hour-long story campaign, including the sequence shown at this year’s TennoCon, in which players suddenly assume control of Arthur. Watch the trailer to see more.

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