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What the Hi-Rez Remodeling Could Mean?

by on June 27, 2023

Change is imminent, yet it is always followed by glory and loss. This time the applause went to Stewart Chisam who confessed on his LinkedIn channel that he was just promoted to the role of RallyHere Interactive’s CEO and President of Hi-Rez Ventures. More companies are now consolidated and a new CEO comes forward for H-iRez Ventures- Erez Goren.

The consolidation may see many games remain where they are – just in a maintenance state. First Watch Games and RedBeard games are shoved under Titan Forge. These are creators of many popular games including  Realm Royale, Rogue Company, and Divine Knockout,

If we remember that in April 2023, the studio announced that the Nintendo Switch version of the free-to-play shooter Paladins would end in late June this year.

Although they did not shout it out loud enough, he did dedicate an entire company  “responsible for the maintenance”

Revamped With New Focused.

Hi-Rez Ventures

Hi-Rez Ventures

Another notable change is that Hi-Rez Studios no longer exists. A new company called Hi-Rez Ventures takes its place. this may be cause for celebration. A move highly unlikely to affect investors or players in any way negative. Instead, some excitement is already on the rise. The company has not made any similar steps since its inception in 2005. And now that the founder is once again at the principal helm, new games and expansions are expected.

Under Chisam’s leadership, RallyHere is expected to provide SAAS solutions to game developers. This will inspire new players in the genre and provide more gaming options for players.

However, the other side of change means loss. And this time the consolidation of some eight gaming companies, resulted in job cuts. Chisam did not state how many layoffs will be created but he did elaborate on steps taken to converse with the workers affected and their families. Notwithstanding, no job loss is easy.

There is a new wind on the horizon and gamers are just as excited about Hi-Rez Ventures.


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