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Waku Opens Up HD Mode Before November 2 Launch

by on October 31, 2023

Although it is still not in perfect condition, Ankama Games has released the HD mode for its upcoming MMORPG. Waku is set to launch tomorrow November 2 on a single server. The update comes at a critical time when players of the colorful world were getting tired of promised upgrades.

The HD mode is the first step toward providing players with the best possible gaming experience, as Ankama Games plans on launching a single-account server on November 2nd.

While the HD upgrade is not yet complete, the team has released a starter HD option pack that offers enhanced graphics for characters, monsters, resources, pets, and mounts.

The request for this visual upgrade has been promised for quite some time now and is not yet completed. However, the installation will come in handy during the launch.

A gradual transition to a full high-definition environment will be achieved through future updates, such as environment upgrades

Currently, the studio is working on HD assets for the game environment and user interface. It will launch with an HD pack consisting of animated elements, new monsters, equipment, resources, mounts, pets, and interactive elements. It said:

“Improvements to interfaces will not be included in this HD pack..It’s an area we’re working on bit by bit, as this project can’t be properly completed in one go.”

Ankama Games acknowledges that some players may find the piecemeal introduction of the HD upgrade disappointing. The team acknowledges the concerns raised about inconsistency between HD and non-HD elements in the game.

While the team understands that this project cannot be completed in one shot, it is committed to gradually improving interfaces to ensure a seamless transition to a full HD experience.

By default, HD is enabled in the Ankama Launcher, but players can disable it. Steam users will automatically experience it in HD and will not have the option to switch to standard graphics.


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