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RuneScape Launches New Combat Beta

by on October 30, 2023

RuneScape has released its first combat beta today and geared players up for more events set to debut between now and next month.

The new release has many goals in mind, chief of which is incorporating aspects of the Necromancy combat styles into the existing modes. There are currently three existing combat styles and they will undergo changes and style integrations. Nonetheless, this will take time and today’s update is just the beginning. As the post claimed today:

“As the Beta proceeds, we’ll look to include other changes to combat styles and refine the identity of each style. Together we can work towards modernizing the feel and flow of combat!”

Zemouregal’s planning and scheming will result in a brand new boss, Vorkath. You will have a choice of two modes to fight: story, normal, or hard. This will be available in solo and group modes. There will also be new drops for Ranged and Necromancy.

As Zemouregal plans to destroy Varrock, you and Fort Forinthry will join forces. Together you will defeat the undead army that he has created. If you have completed all the Fort Forinthry storylines and have Necromancy 60, you will be involved in this siege.

During November, you will also have the opportunity to earn 48 Hours of Double XP over a 10-day period. As usual, you can pause the timer when necessary to not waste any Double XP time or trade leftover time for credits.

On November 6th and 13th, new rounds of community-voted graphical updates will be released, this time for Entrana and some dungeons. Treasure Hunter also returns with Phoenix Rising on November 2nd.

In addition to the Community Hitlist, some of the most requested and most troublesome bugs and changes are being fixed and tweaked. There are many more changes and fixes in the update. You can go in-depth on the Runescape website.


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