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Ultimate Xbox One Sale Includes Fallout 4 and Witcher 3!

by on July 4, 2016

Games can be very expensive, and because of this, gamers aren’t able to purchase the games they want when they first release. Often, they’ll wait for a sale or discount on a title and purchase it then.

Major Nelson has released early details of the Ultimate Xbox One sale. A massive sale on nearly 250 titles spanning the vastness of the Xbox One library, and, it also will include Window 10 games for the first time.

In that sale are games of all genres, this includes RPG’s like Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 4, Watch Dogs, and more! You can check out the entire sale list here, the sale itself will start on the 5th and last until the 11th. Here is a small glimpse of what’s getting discounted:

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  • July 7, 2016 at 11:37 am

    Nice sale for some quality games, if you haven't tried those out I'd definitely check them out especially since they're discounted. You'll play them for hours.

  • July 7, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    This actually sounds like a pretty good bundle. I haven't gotten any of the new consoles yet and Xbox isn't even the more popular brand in my area but this definitely is making me think twice about maybe just getting that instead.

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