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Total War: Warhammer Update Adds Loads Of New Content!

by on July 31, 2016

Total War: Warhammer recently received new content via the DLC Call of the Beastmen. However, those who simply have the game are being treated to new content as well free of charge as noted by VG 247.

Here’s the breakdown of the update:

  • A new hero and mount
  • An entirely new AI-controlled Race as opposition
  • New multiplayer features
  • New multiplayer and custom maps
  • Unlockable Lord for MP/Custom battles

The newest hero is the Amber Wizard, an Empire unit capable of using Lord of Beasts – the only non Beastmen unit that can do so. It’s also the only unit that can ride the new Amber Griffon mount.

The Lore of Beasts allows Beastmen and Empire players to use spells such as:

  • Wyssan’s Wildform: This relatively low-cost spell buffs your allies for 14 seconds with 22% Weapon Damage and +15 Armour.
  • Flock of Doom: This brings forth a swarm of crows to pick at the foe’s eyes. This painful experience causes direct damage to all targets in the area for 7 seonds, with a 30m range. It is great against groups of combatants.
  • Pann’s Impenetrable Pelt: This offers a 22% Damage Resistance buff along with a 24% increase to speed for the allies you cast it on. It lasts for a decent 50 seconds, so is good for multiple charges or a sustained fight.
  • The Amber Spear: This sounds a gnarled horn and releases a magic missile at the enemy, which causes armour piercing damage, is effective at all ranges and offers excellent penetration.

Total War: Warhammer, and the Call of the Beastmen DLC is available for purchase now.

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