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The Upcoming MMORPG Pax Dei

by on October 11, 2023

A new MMORPG is on the horizon and the developers of Pax Dei have raised the hood for a sneak preview. A new post on the company’s website sheds new light on this amazing game.

The team wants to have a classic MMO foundation, employing classic MMORPG combat systems, such as tanking, healing, and damage-dealing. However, Pax DeiĀ is a sandbox so, you’ll have full control over your role.

Gear determines what role you can play, so you’ll need to decide which piece of gear you want to use. There are trade-offs, however, so everyone won’t have to choose everything.

Some gear requires prerequisite skills or scales to your level. You might not be fully trained in Magic of Light, but you’ll be able to use a related sword. However, you might not be at the same level as your friend or opponent.

It is possible to craft powerful weapons that are very fragile as a result of PVE rewards. If you make a top gear set, you will have to take some risks. Item decay also happens, and higher-quality items have better durability levels.

Whether you are adventuring to get some resources for making the best gear set or participating in PvP, you will lose some gear when you die. Your enemies will be able to loot your corpse in PvP settings.

Due to the consensual nature of PVP interactions, your home will not be susceptible to damage. This transforms your home into the perfect hiding place for you. Occasionally, there are contested provinces with special resources available that will be PVP zones. When you enter in search of a resource that is only found in this specific zone. You will be automatically tagged for PVP.

Pax Dei is being developed by Mainframe Industries. The company has been waiting until all was certain before publishing this information.


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