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RuneScape to Scrap Hero Pass in December

by on October 10, 2023

Hero Pass is getting a RIP from its creators after receiving players’ feedback on the inbuilt battle pass.

According to an update on October 6, the battle pass will be terminated on December 3 after just one month.  Jagex explained its decision on the newly released RuneScape battle pass. It debuted on September 4.

The post said:

”For that reason, we are ending Hero Pass with its first iteration: Underworld. For those who invested time or money into the Hero Pass, it will run its course until the end date of December 4th.

”We do still believe that RuneScape could benefit from a system to better reward your time in Gielinor (approached differently, of course). If we do explore a new reward system, the message is clear – we need to involve players from the outset. We would also ensure this new reward system has no paid disparity, through types of Membership or otherwise, around any Content Buffs or similar power-affecting concepts.”

However, players’ anger erupted in September following the launch of the Hero Pass. As is shown from recent negative Steam reviews, many people have given up on RuneScape after playing for 15 years, 16 years, or even 20 years.

One example is this post on the Reddit Runescape board which garnered over 1.000 upvotes.

“I’m a whale and I hate battle pass. The constant in-game pop ups are intrusive, most of the cosmetics are lackluster at best,…..who is this battle pass even for?”

Nonetheless, the studio was listening and will be moving forward without the Hero Pass. If you have not yet given your tidbit you can still do it until Sunday, October 15. The post continued:

”While Hero Pass was a misstep on this path, we’ll be continuing to push forward in this area with more opportunities to add your voice to the game. We’ll be launching a Combat Rebalancing / Beta this year and we’ll have more opportunities to do this going forward.

”Part of working closely with players is also recognizing it’s not just about reacting but about how we learn from it. For that reason, we are keeping the Hero Pass survey open as planned till Sunday. If you haven’t given us your thoughts yet, please do let us know your feedback.”


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