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Thaemine Lands in Lost Ark – Raiders Alert

by on September 15, 2023

When did you earn your grip on the famous raids of the Lost Ark?  Who showed you how to win your first loot? I am sure it was not Indiana Jones, but if he did you may just be ready for Thaemine.

Throughout Lost Ark’s ups and downs, and numerous iterations, its raids have always remained its hallmark. They look fantastic, are chock full of mechanics, and are constantly challenging even the most experienced players.

Earlier this week, Thaemine, the granddaddy of them all, was finally added to the Korean version of Lost Ark. Take a peek at what is inside the game’s new raid pack.

Last Legion Raid: This is the final Legion Raid, ending a years-long series of fantastic Legion Raids that have brought new life to Lost Ark way back when.

Higher Stakes and Prizes: It’s been a very exciting tournament this year with a lot more stakes than ever before. Usually, there isn’t that much incentive for world first, but now there is a vanity reward for the first, 2nd, or 3rd place first clear, as well as the top ten first clears.

More Returning Players: According to both Smilegate and Saintone, there will be a huge influx of returning players this year. The numbers are indeed staggering. Lost Ark is reporting that the number of returning players has increased by over 230%

Longer Playing Time: In the words of Smilegate, there will definitely be a long rush but it will still roll on. They predict the first clear will take over a week.

Gate Three is as Difficult as ever: Remember the video about Gate Six of Brelshaza before the Nerfs? Gate Three is said to be nearly as challenging as Gate Six.

Biggest Rewards at Gate 4: The biggest prizes will be at this gate and are supposed to be twice the of Gates 1 – 3 combined! However, it is far more difficult than Brelshaza Gate 6.

So, who will go first? See you at the game site.

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