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Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile Has Launched

by Todd Blackon September 6, 2019
Is Perfect World Mobile out yet? What will it play like again? Perfect World Games is excited to announce that the reimagined classic MMO is now available to NA players with the official launch for Perfect World Mobile. The highly anticipated MMORPG has received over 1 million pre-registration sign-ups and is now available for players […]
Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile Gets Its Characters Revealed

by Todd Blackon August 13, 2019
Who will be in Perfect World Mobile? What will they be like? Perfect World Games has announced the playable races and characters that will be coming to the mobile adaptation of the 12-year classic MMO Perfect World. Players will get to choose from the familiar races of Humans, Winged Elves, and Untamed. With five classes […]