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DC Universe Online

Metal Part II For DC Universe Coming In September

by Todd Blackon September 5, 2019
What’s coming out for DC Universe Online? Any comic arcs being tied in? DC Universe Online has launched Metal Part 1, a new episode tying into the recent comic arc Dark Knights Metal. And now, the team is getting ready to launch Part II later this year. In Metal Part II, the saga of the […]
DC Universe Online

Switch’s First MMORPG To Be DC Universe Online

by Todd Blackon July 2, 2019
What is DC Universe Online? Why does it matter that it’s on Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is the hottest console on the market right now, and with that comes a lot of genres that players can do. However, in the MMORPG field, not so much. The system has been dubbed “too low power” to enjoy […]

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon May 24, 2019
Is DC Universe Online really coming to Switch? When is it arriving? MMORPGs aren’t very numerous on Nintendo Switch, but that is about to change, as DC Universe Online has officially been announced for the system, and it’s coming this Fall. Executive producer Leah Bowers had this to say about the port: “Bringing the game to the […]
Red Lantern Powers in War of the Light

Harness Your Rage in DC Universe Online’s War of the Light Part I

by mmorpgForumsAdminon January 23, 2014
If you’re a paying subscriber to DC Universe Online with a Legendary Membership, you might already be using the Red Lantern rage powers. They’re available in first part of the new DLC pack War of the Light Part I, which went live early for Legendary members Tuesday. War of the Light Part I is the […]