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Female Corrin

Could Female Corrin Be Getting Her Own Amiibo?

by Todd Blackon April 4, 2017
Fire Emblem Echoes is launching in Japan in just a few weeks, because, some gamers are releasing leaks from the game. While most of it is standard content, the truly dedicated fans are releasing things not known to the general public. Such as the finding of the female version of Corrin in the game. Why […]

Fire Emblem Fates Corrin Arrives In Smash Bros

by Todd Blackon December 16, 2015
During the final Super Smash Bros. Direct today, Nintendo announced that the main character of the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates, Corrin, would be joining the roster. Fire Emblem Fates has technically been in Japan for some time, but as Sakurai notes, the West has not been able to play this game. So for many, his/her […]