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Stoic Studios Admitted They Did Wrong With Banner Saga 2!

by Todd Blackon January 12, 2017
The Banner Saga Kickstarter was proof that if you have a good team, and a good video game idea, the people will back it. The team at Stoic Studios went to Kickstarter to raise $100,000, and got $720,000 instead. This lead to not only a completed game that was beloved by all, but a sequel […]

Banner Saga 2 Comes To Consoles July 1st and 5th

by Todd Blackon June 28, 2016
Though the PC version of The Banner Saga 2 is already out, the console versions were pushed back a bit. Now, it’s been revealed that the Xbox One version of the game will release on July 1st, with the PS4 version coming out on July 5th. This was confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, where the […]