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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Co-Developed By ND Cube

by Todd Blackon February 25, 2018
Was Nintendo the sole developer of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? If not, then who helped? It’s easy to think of Nintendo as one giant developer within itself, and it technically is. However, it does have what are called “2nd Party Developers”. Meaning, they’re studios that are owned by Nintendo, but don’t work within Nintendo proper. One […]
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Downloaded 25 Million Times!

by Todd Blackon December 13, 2017
How well is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp doing? What’s its download and profit total so far? Nintendo released its third internal mobile game last month with Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and according to Apptopia, it’s doing really well for its first few weeks out on the market. According to them, the app has been downloaded 25 million […]


Infamous Originally Was Like Animal Crossing?

by Todd Blackon September 26, 2017
What was the inspiration behind Infamous? How did it differ from original visions? Video games are an ever-evolving thing. So much so that ideas come and go, and what might have started out as one thing, often turn into another. For proof of this, look no further than the Infamous franchise, made by Sucker Punch. […]