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Starcraft: Legacy Of The Void Gets New Patch Notes!

by on May 19, 2016

The Patch Notes for 3.3.0 for Legacy Of The Void has been revealed on Battle.Net. In it, the patch will include new co-op missions, a new commander, numerous bug fixes, and more.

Below are some of the upgrades via the patch:

A new commander, Abathur, has been added to Co-op Missions!

  • Abathur is an evolution master who controls the battlefield from afar.
  • Evolve your army by collecting Biomass from fallen enemies to morph powerful Brualisk and Leviathan units.
  • Abathur is available as a standalone purchase for all players, including those using StarCraft II: Starter Edition.

New functionality has been added to the StarCraft II Landing Screen.

  • The overall design and visual hierarchy of the Landing Screen panel has been reorganized to better convey different types of new content, community news and events, and in-game events.
  • During major events (such as a new patch), a new, dismissible pop-out panel will appear on the Landing Screen upon login, highlighting new content, news, patch notes, and other information.
  • In addition to the existing active widget linked to the Automated Tournaments schedule, a new widget has been added to provide scheduling alerts on the new Co-op Missions Weekly Mutations.
  • Terrain Editor
    • Settings Panel/Window (under View > Show Settings Panel and View > Use Window For Settings):
      • The UI is now persistent for viewing and modifying all Terrain Module settings.
      • Search by text or hotkey has been added.
      • Custom settings have been added for Save/Load.
      • Usage History has been added.
    • The Cliff Blocking painted pathing brush type (under Layer > Pathing) now simulates cliff pathing behavior without cliffs being present.
  • Import Editor
    • Texture Reduction (under Window > Texture Reduction)
      • This is used to fine tune texture quality associated with each graphic setting.
      • Works for imported DDS textures with multiple mip levels.
      • File > Commit Changes will save to TextureReductionValues.txt within the document.
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