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Shovel Knight Plush Toys Coming

by on March 15, 2016

Shovel Knight has been a very popular RPG since its release. Earning numerous honors, and has been touted as an amazing return to old-school RPG play. Now, it’s getting plushies, which you can pre-order on the makers website.

There will be four in total. With two ready to ship now. Shovel Knight and Troupple King are available to get at the time of this writing, while Plague King and Shield Knight are coming in July according to a press release.

The plush toys cost $28 USD each, and vary in size. Plague King stands at nine inches tall and comes with a staff and alchemy pouch. Shield Knight is the largest at 14 inches, and comes with her shield. Shovel Knight comes in at 10 inches, and Troupple King at seven inches tall and 13 inches long. Shovel Knight comes with a shovel, and Troupple King plays music.

Each knight has multiple magnetic points used to carry their accessories.

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