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New Pokemon For Sun And Moon Revealed!

by on July 19, 2016

A new trailer has been released today from Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, and in it they show off six brand new Pokemon. You can view them via the trailer below, but here is a quick rundown:

Wimpod is a Bug and Water-type that can automatically flee upon taking damage, Bounsweet is a Grass-type, Comfey is a Fairy-type, and Mudsdale is a Ground type that can gain defense after being attacked. Mimikyu is the Ghost- and Fairy-type that disguises itself as a hand-drawn Pikachu to get affection, and Bewear is a Normal and Fighting-type.

Furthermore, the new trailer introduces two brand new features for the upcoming 3DS games. The Pokemon Global Link website will now allow players to set up their own Friendly Competitions, while Online Competitions will be the equivalent of ranked matchmaking, challenging players to compete for the best rating.

Sun and Moon will also have Hyper Training, a feature that allows players to improve the stats of level 100 Pokemon. The service will be performed by one man, Mr. Hyper, who’ll help in return for bottle caps.

Pokemon Sun and Moon arrive November 18th.

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