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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Ash Pikachu

Special Ash Pikachu To Be Distributed For Pokemon Sun and Moon In Japan!

by Todd Blackon March 12, 2017
In Japan, Pokemon is getting a theatrical movie based on the original adventures of Ash and his Pokemon Pikachu. Titled Pokemon: I Choose You! It shows how the legendary friendship got started. However, if you pre-order tickets for the event, you’ll get something very special, a code to get a hat for your Pikachu. But […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Sold 4.5 Million Copies!

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2017
Nintendo has released a statement saying that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the latest in the fan-favorite and worldwide phenomenon series, has sold a combined 4.5 million copies. What’s significant about this is two-fold. First, these are the fastest games in Nintendo history to reach this milestone, even though you’re combining them. The games have […]

Is Game Freak Saying Pokemon Stars Isn’t Coming To Wii U?

by Todd Blackon December 27, 2016
Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, as the recent Pokemon Sun and Moon games have proved. However, when it comes to consoles, the success is a little more blurred.  Yes, there have been successes like the Stadium and Coliseum titles, but overall, it’s not been as successful as the handheld games. Especially when you […]

Pokemon Sun & Moon Have Sold 3.7 Million Copies In Two Weeks!

by Todd Blackon November 30, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon had a lot going for it leading up to its release. It held the titles of most downloaded demo in Nintendo history, and it was the most pre-ordered game in Nintendo history. Now, it can add “fastest selling game in the Americas”. For in less than two weeks, the titles […]


Nintendo Banning Players With “Pirated” Copies Of Pokemon Sun and Moon From Online Play!

by Todd Blackon November 17, 2016
With the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon coming in a little over a day, it’s no surprise that Nintendo is making sure that no one ruins the experience in regards to online play. In fact, some people who have “procured” copies of Sun and Moon in ways not regulated by Nintendo have already […]

New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Arrives!

by Todd Blackon October 28, 2016
A brand new Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon trailer has been released, with loads more information. In it, we get the final evolutions of the Alola starter Pokemon, and some of them are sure to surprise trainers by both look, and the types put with them. Also, we get the three remaining island guardians for the […]

Check Out a New Gameplay Trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

by Jeffrey Harrison October 27, 2016
It looks like there will be even more Pokemon to catch next month. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have just released a new gameplay trailer this week for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. You can check out the new video in the player below. The new video reveals Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina, who happen to be the […]

Alolan Pokemon Plushies Coming To Japan!

by Todd Blackon October 17, 2016
With the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, a new kind of Pokemon will arrive. One called “the Alolan form”. What this means is that Pokemon from the first generation of this series will receive new looks and abilities due to the different climate and landscapes of Alola. A leak via Pokeshopper has revealed […]

Pokemon Sun and Moon Get Separate Ultra Beasts!

by Todd Blackon September 15, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon is truly setting itself up to be one of the best Pokemon generations ever. With a very special new region, interesting looking groups, Alola versions of classic Pokemon, and more, it just keeps growing. One of the big announcements from the last trailer of the game was the reveal of “Ultra […]

New Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Gives New Details About Games!

by Todd Blackon September 6, 2016
Pokemon Sun and Moon got brand new details revealed via a very special trailer. In it, now only did we learn about new Pokemon such as Jangmo-o and the Alolan form of Raticate, but also new creatures such as Ultra Beasts and the Type: Null. Furthermore, a new human group was revealed, the Aether Foundation. […]