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Metacene Launches Alpha Test

by on August 2, 2023

One of the most watched and innovative blockchain upcoming games, Metacene, has announced its Alpha Test launch. The game will offer a combination of player-versus-player and player-versus-player combat styles, even as it lays out the incorporation of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) and player-owned assets.

Metacene is set in a post-apocalyptic MMORPG world and allows players to assume the role of survivors. The world was destroyed by Catlyclismo superstorms that froze all life forms, and almost eroded human life. It is a call for help, to revive the rest of mankind.

Join the Metacene cause as they rebuild what is left. Adopt the role of a survivor and explore rescue, and mine for skills and resources in an all-new world. Here players have the freedom to customize their characters, acquire and upgrade equipment, explore vast landscapes, gather resources, hone their skills, battle fierce monsters, and engage in epic player duels.

The  Alpha Test will take place on the Rangers Testnet – specifically the Robin chain. A new blockchain network that showcases a secure environment for players to experience the game’s early stages. To participate in the Alpha Test, players can follow the instructions available on the official MetaCene website to connect and register their accounts.

How to Get Started

After registration player will receive a small amount of USDT from Testnet. Here are the following procedures

  1. Exchange USDT into MUD, the game’s virtual currency, to kickstart their journey within the game.
  2. Visit the in-game marketplace, enabling players to trade items amongst themselves.
  3. Choose and edit a character and embark on your journey

It’s important to note that any progress made during the Alpha Test is non-permanent. The Alpha Test for MetaCene is running from July 31st until August 7th.

Players can still enter and experience the game until the close of the Alpha Test.

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