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Ilysia Postpones 1 Until Further Notice

by on August 3, 2023

Team 21 Studio has postponed its long-awaited Beta 1 due to unexpected system failures. The company had been trying to progress to a second test but has been unable to initiate the first beta. The company posted the following update on its Twitter page.

“Our team has been working hard to identify and resolve the bug that decided to make an appearance on the same day as our originally planned start date this past weekend. This unfortunately forced us to postpone Beta 1 till we resolve the issue.”

The studio has been footing a continuing struggle with issues usually beyond its control Seemingly that each time they were able to resolve an issue, another one rears its ugly head. One known problem was with their MagePortal system needing to be hammered out before the system could support a beta test.

They were able to resolve the issues that had to do with players who didn’t get their rewards or couldn’t receive account-related emails.

The good news is that this team is robust and won’t rest until everything is perfect for the beta Testing. However, since there are still working, they have not released a new date. Yet, we are sure it will be coming soon.

As soon as they have a new target date for the beta,  they still expect it to last for 3 days, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they choose another weekend. Beta 1 will also not be under NDA, so anyone who gets an invite will be able to stream, record video, and share screenshots of their experiences.

The current participants in Beta 1 consist of Kickstarter backers, other financial backers, and those who purchased early access after Alpha 2. The company will surely keep you in the loop and by subscribing to their Twitter, you can stay informed.

We look forward to the Beta 1 success.

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