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Level 5 Interested In Bringing Games To Wii U and NX Systems

by on November 25, 2015

The backbone of any gaming platform, whether it’s handhelds or consoles, is being able to support it with titles from big name studios. For Nintendo, while it does this well for some of it’s platforms, it seems to struggle getting it for others. For example, while the 3DS is doing well, very well by many standards, the Wii U is not. Not the least reason why is because outside of it’s core Nintendo titles, the Wii U doesn’t have much.

That doesn’t mean that some developers aren’t interested though, in an interview with IGN, developer Level 5, via Akahiro Hino said that if a game of there’s could be a good fit for the Wii U “I would definitely want to proactively consider it.”

This  led to the possibility of Level 5 games coming to the next Nintendo console, the NX, which has been rumored to be a very connected system. Hino noted that they would definitely be up for it, especially if it could “bring Level-5 games to as many kids as possible.”

This possible collaboration has already started with Yokai Watch, and Level 5 has put other titles on Nintendo platforms before. The future will be determined by both sides.

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