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Yo-Kai Watch 4

Yo-Kai Watch 4 Team Talk World and Switch Version

by Todd Blackon October 14, 2018
Anything new about Yo-Kai Watch 4? What’s the team excited about? The Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, and the team at Level-5 brought two titles to the show, Yo-Kai Watch 4, and Inazuma 11. During an interview, the team talked about Yo-Kai Watch and noted one of the biggest changes to the series […]
Yo-Kai Watch 3

Yo-Kai Watch 3 Coming To The West

by Todd Blackon September 28, 2018
What’s this I hear about Yo-Kai Watch 3? Is it coming to the West? Yo-Kai Watch is without a doubt one of the biggest new franchises in recent memory from Japan. It mixes Pokemon with an element of Japanese folklore, and wraps it all up in a visually pleasing bow. That being said, most of the […]

Yo-Kai Watch 4

Level 5 Interested In Bringing Games To Wii U and NX Systems

by Todd Blackon November 25, 2015
The backbone of any gaming platform, whether it’s handhelds or consoles, is being able to support it with titles from big name studios. For Nintendo, while it does this well for some of it’s platforms, it seems to struggle getting it for others. For example, while the 3DS is doing well, very well by many […]