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Key Overwatch Bug To Hopefully Be Fixed This Week!

by on July 5, 2016

Bugs are inevitable in large games, especially when the crux of those games involve many players being involved in a single game at once. Aside from some small bugs that are natural, Overwatch has had a rather smooth launch. But, with the launch of Competitive Mode, a new bug has arisen that is hurting some of the players.

The bug itself disconnects players during a game, but will let them rejoin mere moments later without command to the same game. However, regardless of the outcome of the fight, the player receives a loss and a decrease of their skill rank. This is causing much stress among the Overwatch community.

Battle.Net has been overloading with threads about this bug issue, and after a while, Blizzard responded that they know about the bug and are trying to fix it:

“We have some fixes coming (hopefully) next week.”

That reply was made on Saturday, so the fixes could come this week after some testing.

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