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Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure: Through the Veil Preview

by on November 7, 2023

Guild War 2: Secrets of the Obscure is about to launch the long-awaited update, this very week. As players prepare to find the promised changes and improvements, a sneak peek was granted to a few players last week. The revisions are out and this is what is coming.

the upcoming release is a storyline expansion. There will be three new stories in this update, which continue where the expansion storyline ended. Just to refresh your memory: the team defeated Cerus with Peitha’s assistance.

The story then follows Peitha as she travels from the Wizard’s Tower to Inner Nayo. This will be the central place where we experience our adventures in this episode.

Update Tease Preview

Once the story gets rolling, you are trusted into the new world.┬áIn Inner Nayos, it’s extremely inhospitable. It’s like Verdant Brink but with a couple of notches higher. Kryptis are everywhere. There were no visible Kryptis pocket raptors, but there are likely many in the inner world.

While the skyscale does help with getting around, there are also turrets in the sky, so it isn’t free exploration either. This map does not emphasize exploration. After all, we are going to an enemy stronghold.

There’s a goal to bring down a barrier so that you can assault the fort. To accomplish this task, you have to light various braziers. If you’re not careful, the light you carry will be extinguished.

There is a small group involved in this, and it is clearly designed as a situation where several areas will need to be tackled simultaneously. Once all of the braziers were lit, the whole team converged on the barrier and pushed it down.

We ran into dense fog/mist after the barrier fell, which dealt a lot of damage and prevented us from continuing. The next update should bring the second half of this meta, and then it will all chain together.

.Overall, it was well worth it. The update will go live this week.

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