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The Wagadu Chronicles Goes to Steam Early Access

by on November 8, 2023

Indie game developer Twin Drums will be releasing its Afrofantasy MMORPG to Steam Early Access. The Wagadu Chronicles will debut on Steam on December 4, 2023.

In the announcement, little was shared about the early access build other than that it will feature roleplay mechanics. These included:

  • a turn-based combat system.
  • a rhythm-based fishing game.
  • a multiplayer PvP game similar to Oware

Notably, The Wagadu Chronicles first appeared in the news in September 2020 by Twin Drums during a Kickstarter campaign for $100,000. The campaign succeeded in gathering over €164,000 in pledges (about $174,000). This initial victory and community support seemed to have been sufficient for the studio.

The advancement of the company has been impressive. There have been a number of art and gameplay previews released since then. Not to mention several rounds of alpha testing, the last of which ended in April. twin Drums is finally ready to take the next step forward.

Getting Ready for The Wagadu Chronicles Early Access

In April 2023, the studio launched its Steam page and then invited players to join the Wishlist on Steam. The newsletter (April Issue) promised an Early Access launch this year. This game after successfully completing a second round of Alpha testing.

Likewise, the newsletter did not go into details and bloggers were left to figure out the rest. MorpgForums.com seemed to have nailed it down pretty well in its calculations, as we now see from this early Access announcement.

As a small studio, Twin Drums has made big strides. The developer removed the NDA from Alpha 3 earlier this year, allowing testers to share their gameplay. The move brought sufficient publicity to the studio and overwhelmed its second Alpha.

The Wagadu Chronicles is a new setting for the 5th Edition including an MMO sandbox, according to Twin Drums’ tweet.

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