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Game Matter to Launch Duel Revolution this March

by on February 26, 2024

Game Matter has spent a decade developing the free-to-play 2D creature-collecting MMORPG, which is set for launch on March 1. The game, Duel Revolution, is a Pokemon-style concept where players hunt and collect specimens with which they can battle. Ideally, they may need to fight against the environment and players.

There are 50 unique EVOs that players can capture. Each one has 12 levels of skill trees to customize their abilities and attacks. This game allows players to take on PvE missions, or battle other players in real-time PvP battles.

Among the many challenges and excitement, Duel Revolution offers players the opportunity to manage a life filled with challenges and excitement. These include the collection and customization of various creatures known as Evos.

There are many customization options in the game. Some of these allow one to create battle tactics such as forming alliances or embarking on quests. Practicing will eventually graduate a player as a duelist.

“In Duel Revolution players are diving into a rich world of adventure, exploration, and strategic dueling. As duelists, players will navigate a life filled with challenges and excitement, including the collection and customization of various creatures known as Evo. The game focuses not just on climbing the ranks but on the full experience of being a duelist – forming alliances, embarking on quests, and expressing oneself through extensive customization options.” explained the studio’s website.

During the open beta period, Duel Revolution is only available for download on the official site, but as soon as the game reaches full release, Steam, Android, and iOS will be supported.

Duel Revolution is a monster taming MMORPG where players train powerful Evo creatures for dynamic battles. The game is easily customized using its unique skill tree system allowing you to play multiplayer with friends or just head on alone. The game will be available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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