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Fractured Online Hit by Hackers

by on November 20, 2023

The indie MMO Fractured Online was attacked by hackers earlier yesterday when an unknown attacker deleted all cities created by players. the security was external and represented a harsh blow to the recently updated Indy MMO.

According to data released by Dynamight Studios, the breach came from a backend access that overpowered an admin account. They perpetrated heavy damage to the system and maliciously erased all cities and infrastructures created by players.

It highlights the persistent challenges indie projects face as they seek to protect their platforms against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Although the studio is reeling from the hack, it has been adamant about getting the game back to its pre-hack state.

Although the hacker’s motivations remain unclear, CEO Jacopo stated they don’t know what motivated him. But the effects of their actions cannot be denied. The Studios have suspended logins and begun an investigation.

In 2022, Fractured Online was removed from platforms after a split with its former publisher, Gamigo. This forced Dynamight Studios to relaunch with a reduced team. The breach is a significant setback for Fractured Online.

In spite of these obstacles, the studio managed to bring Fractured Online back to Steam Early Access. It found a way forward by offering the community discounts and engaging with them to get the game back on track.

In conjunction with the relaunch, a major patch was released that addressed game balance, mechanics, and content. As the team rebuilt its MMo and renewed an envious gameplay.

Nonetheless, Indie MMOs are in a precarious position in an industry where security threats frequently emerge as significant obstacles to success. As was demonstrated by the recent hacking incident.

The breach serves as a stark reminder of how important it is for online gamers and game developers to implement robust security measures. Dynamight Studios is currently working tirelessly to resolve the breach and restore player trust.

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