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Foxhole’s Naval Warfare Huge Expansion Goes Live

by on October 26, 2023

Foxhole is getting the largest expansion ever and it goes live today October 26. The new update, Naval Warfare, is taking the battle to the sea and it will be ‘hell and high waters’ when players lock onto gameplay.

Naval Warfare is the world’s first MMO war game that places everyone into teams on one side of the ongoing war. By adding the sea, it expands the game’s play options and adds a new layer of complexity.

The new naval vehicles must be crewed and operated by others on your side. This is a war about cooperation and strategy. You must keep ships stocked and operate their systems.

Build and command warships such as gunboats, battleships, and destroyers. Foxhole’s largest vehicle type is the battleship, which requires crews who are ready to work above and below deck.

There are several things you need to consider if you wish to succeed in this game: ensuring your ships have enough ammo, launching some depth charges, and deploying sea mines. Having a comprehensive battle plan and a deep understanding of the rules of tactical naval battles are essential for maintaining firepower and launching depth charges.

As you build portable harbors and deploy landing craft at sea, you will be able to supply beachheads. Submarines will also throw some new strategic puzzles into the mix since you can cause some major disruptions undetected.

Besides the usual land-based regions and zones, this update also adds water-based regions and strategic islands where you can launch campaigns.

You can use specialized vehicles to tow field weapons to where they are needed, and new ways to haul cargo are also included in the update. You can also deploy field guns on land and add heavy mobile artillery.

Foxhole update is available for purchase with a 33% discount. This bonus will be available throughout November.

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