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Fictorum Releases New Update Ahead Of Funding!

by on July 17, 2016

At 93% funded, with 6 days to go, Scraping Bottom Games has released a new update for their game Fictorum. The update notes new content and about backer rewards. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.

“Hey Spell-casters!

We’re entering the last leg of our Kickstarter campaign and we’re so grateful with how it has progressed so far. As of right now, we’ve met 93% of our funding goal with 874 backers—We’re so close to being fully funded!

New Content

Even though we’ve been doing our damnedest to spread the word about Fictorum, we couldn’t help ourselves; we had to get some development in.

Greg improved several of our existing levels by including more variation in the environment.

Backer updates

We will be sending out a backer kit survey after the Kickstarter has completed to handle specifics for rewards (sizes, poster preference, shipping address) as well as add-ons for additional physical or digital rewards.

We have finalized our t-shirt & hoodie designs. We’re doing a test run of the designs to make sure that the final reward will be an acceptable level of quality. Prepare yourselves: We expect to post beautiful photos of our handsome devs modeling our beautiful t-shirts and hoodies within the next few days.

Also, hey! You are making our dreams a reality. You are the french fries to our Frosty. You are the cake that someone lied about. You are the wind to my leaf. Make your weekend great, because you, you fabulous person, are the true wizard in our book.

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