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Fallout 4 Goes to the Dogs! Find Out How You Can Play as Dogmeat!

by on March 22, 2016

The mods for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 just keep getting more creative and more awesome. Nexus Mods user Abbalovesyou has come up with a new mod for Fallout 4 that truly takes the cake. You can check out a video of the mod in action from YouTube user Mephykuns in the player below.

One of the great features in Fallout 4 is that players have their own furry dog companion in Dogmeat. However, this new mod, “Be The Dog — Playable Dogs,” allows players to play throughout the game’s open-world sandbox as Dogmeat or even some of the other dogs that populate the world of the game.

Fallout 4 dogmeat - 1

VG247 reports that the dogs in the mod have a number of different attack options. They can bite and jump bite or perform a running jump bite. Some features are not available through this mod. The Pip-Boy tool can’t be used while in first-person view. Also, the mod might reportedly cause the game to crash after players touch their baby and play with their spouse.

Still coming up with a mod like this is pretty outstanding. Playing as Dogmeat is a whole new way to experience and play the game. It’s encouraging to see players come up with ideas like this for an already great and popular game that can add completely new dimensions. Fallout 4 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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