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Fallout 4 Clocks 4.5 Million Hours On PC

by on November 10, 2015

Despite a recent trend of PC games getting less than quality launches, it appears the PC launch of Fallout 4 is anything but bugged down. In fact, according to stat tracking site steamcharts.com, a site which uses Valve’s openly-available Web APIs for collection of data, Fallout 4 has already amassed nearly 4.5 million hours of playing time on PC alone.

To put that into perspective of recently released titles, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, which has been out since November 6, is currently sitting at 3.9 million total hours played. Remember that this title has more multiplayer focus, which usually lands games more hours as gamers tend to play with friends for hours on end.

The record for most Grand Theft Auto V concurrents is 360,761, which is 50,000 behind Fallout 4’s numbers. Which, at this point in time, is over 400,000 concurrent players The all-time Steam record for concurrent users playing a single game belongs to Dota 2, which saw a peak of 1.2 million users back in February. Counter-strike Global Offensive also has a small lead over Fallout 4’s current numbers.

These numbers prove that Fallout 4 is not only a major success, but it is likely one that will transpire across all platforms it is on, which includes the Xbox One and PS4.

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