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Eternal Tombs Moves to External Testing

by on July 29, 2023

Triune Studio is celebrating core advancements in the development of the upcoming game Eternal Tombs. The Indie MMORPG was formerly known as War of Dragnorox and has been under development for some time now.

However, it is finally taking a significant step forward in its launch process. The developers have announced its transition to external testing, reaching a pivotal landmark in the game’s progression.

Triune Studios made the announcement through the game’s official Discord channel that’s connected directly to its user community.  The developers expressed their happiness regarding the upcoming external testing with a gameplay date set for this August 1.

According to the studio, the time has come for followers and friends to lend a hand with the development process. To complement this call to players, they have made a public invitation to their community members to become part of this crucial process.

They also emphasized the importance of this testing phase in moving the game forward. “External testing becomes important for us to start moving the game forward and we need your help,” declared a post on the Discord channel. The company was not afraid to outline the steps that may be involved in the testing process

Triune Studios are seeking dedicated players who are willing to endure the initial hiccups of testing,

  • including downloading files,
  • dealing with crashes,
  • and getting stuck in places.

Their hope is to find volunteers for the gameplay which may last from as little as a few minutes to a couple of hours. The gaming community may also join the test even if they are not members of the discord. They may register and help this independent studio reach its goal.

As most MMORPG players are familiar with testing unfinished games, those looking to jump in and help can join the official Discord and try to secure a spot.

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