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Erenshor’s Demo Gets Update and Tease Video

by on February 29, 2024

There are some updates to Erenshor’s demo and a new video showing other areas of the game. The announcement comes as the team teases release plans and a mock “stress test” weekend with full access to the open beta.

Erenshor demo’s aim is to portray the development cycle for the full game and it has just received its second major update filled with QOL features. The demo island, “Stowaway’s Step”, now features an improved UI, better AI, balanced gameplay, and more.

This single-player RPG is set within a simulated MMORPG, and it offers a myriad of activities that simulate the real thing. It may address the question of “Have MMORPGs become like single-player games?” that pops up periodically.

Having no time constraints or queues, Burgee Media brings reliable gameplay to players. Over 100 hours of gameplay are already in the game – quests, monsters, and a world to explore. Players can upgrade the items that they acquire, experience character progression, and much more.

NPCs will act as simulated players to party up with, so you and your friends can complete quests, and dungeons, and take on world bosses together. Burgee says that some of these party members will even start guilds and invite you if they like you enough. This means the party members will level up and progress independently, acquire their own gear, and even have a relationship system based on Burgee’s description.

An open beta is planned for Erenshor, which cracks the top 1500 Steam wishlists. The game will also appear at the October Steam Next Fest. The Early Access version of the game is planned for late 2024 or maybe early 2025.

There will be a “spooky GM event” on the demo island and giveaways, including a Steam key for the full game, at the October appearance. You can watch the exploration video here

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