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New Indie MMORPG Grudge Hits Steam

by on January 12, 2024

A new Indie MMO Grudge just opened and is on Steam with all the buzzing of an open-world survival-craft dame. Grudge features combat, base building, and a fantasy world of fun and strife.

This sandbox MMORPG was created single-handedly by Scorge_. It offers multiple genres and types of gameplay in one place, such as skill trees, dungeons, quests, guilds, mounts, pets, and legendary items. There is enough to keep players going for hours on end.

The game’s Steam page defines the game as ” a fantasy-based exploration and survival sandbox MMO! Collect, fight, explore, build, siege, and more! Alone or with friends, you can choose to build your stronghold, make alliances, or wage war in the open world!”

There are also a few survival features in the game, including base building, resource gathering, hunting animals for some much-needed food, and even crafting siege weapons. In addition to the fun and addictive elements of these two genres, a bit of RTS is thrown in on top to create a game that is diverse and thrilling at the same time.

In the game, players can train guards and mercenaries to do their bidding and engage in open-world PVP combat where advanced weaponry becomes crucial to survival. While there aren’t many reviews as of yet, the screenshots and videos certainly make it look like it could be a lot of fun to play. Grudge is currently available on PC via Steam.

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